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Tiraz Dance Network is a Middle Eastern Dance Collaborative founded by a group of dancers committed to sharing their passion for Middle Eastern Dance through organizing workshops, social events, performance opportunities, and resources for the communities in Virginia and surrounding areas.


 Our Mission:

Connect the local belly dance community

Educate and influence our community at large of the many styles of Middle Eastern Dance

Enhance the experience of dance for all


 Our Values:

Honor the roots and ethnic origins of The Dance, while accepting all modern styles that continue to embrace the roots of The Dance

Create standards of quality that elevate the art form

Encourage innovations that are tastefully presented

Tiraz {tee-RAHZ},

An Arabic word describing ornamental, embroidered inscriptions on woven fabrics
worn in the Islamic world as symbols of
status.The beauty and quality of the fabrics
were admired and sought after by many
cultures, just as "The Dance" although
Middle Eastern in origin, is to be shared
and appreciated by all.

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